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Hearing loss treatments:

digital hearing aids austin, txHere are some alternate treatments and devices available. Your treatment will depend on your hearing loss, so some treatments will work better for you than others. There are a number of devices and aids that can improve hearing loss. Here are the most common ones:

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are electronic instruments you wear in or behind your ear. They make sounds louder. Things sound different when you wear a hearing aid, but our audiologist, who is a hearing aid expert, can help you get used to it. To find the hearing aid that works best for you, you may have to try more than one. Ask our audiologist if there is a trial period for the make and model selected for you. Both of you can work together until you are comfortable.

Cochlear Implants

Cochlear (COKE-lee-ur) implants are small electronic devices surgically implanted in the inner ear that help provide a sense of sound to people who are profoundly deaf or hard-of-hearing. If your hearing loss is severe, Dr. Chu may recommend a cochlear implant in one ear or both.

Assistive listening devices

Assistive listening devices include telephone and cell phone amplifying devices, smart phone or tablet “apps,” and closed circuit systems (induction coil loops) in places of worship, theaters, and auditoriums.

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